About Me

My name is Dr Jordan Quinn. I am a clinical psychologist, which means that I have achieved doctoral-level proficiency in the practice of psychological therapy with individuals, families and groups across the life span. I am also registered with the Health Care Professionals Council, which is one of the bodies that regulates the practice of healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom.

I am originally from Northern Ireland, although I was raised in France. I then went to complete my studies at the University of Warwick, Goldsmiths College, and the Institute for Applied Psychology (Christ Church Canterbury University). I have worked in the field of Mental Health since 2013.

I believe that at times we need extra help from a supportive and qualified person to allow time to think, to be listened to, and to plan towards a better quality of life in spite of upsetting, challenging, or traumatic life experiences. As mental health difficulties often happen in the context of relationships, so too does the healing. I also believe that experiencing mental health difficulties does not mean a failure to cope, but rather that this is the brain and body’s way of letting us know that a change is needed.
Dr Jordan Quinn, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Quinn Psychology Services

My Values

I describe myself as:
I am currently offering online individual psychological therapy, as well as wellbeing packages to businesses. Have a look at the offer-specific pages for more details.